2. You are not allowed to leave comments on uploaded articles and videos because...

Many of you ask why you cannot leave any comments on articles and videos that are uploaded. We do not let you leave comments because our purpose is to help you live with the ability of happiness after wound treatment and psychological treatment.

On most websites that are related to psychological disorders, people post their stories, exchange information with others, and share consolation and advice with each other. They even counsel each other in various ways.

These websites are not helpful at all in treating wounds and psychology. They rather cause psychological disorders or make psychological disorders worse. Posting your stories and leaving comments is a very wrong way to resolve your problems.

Sharing wounds with each other makes wound treatment and psychological treatment almost impossible. Treatment of your wounds and psychology is possible only through Online Treatment Training. So, stop wasting your time, money, and effort for useless counseling.

Some say that it is good to post your stories and let others know about your pain and agony because it makes you feel unburdened; some say that it is effective because you can get advice from others.

However, sharing your wounds and exchanging advice online is very dangerous.

First, advice from others is 'just' advice, not practical solutions.
Advice from others can be distorted ones that do not suit each one of you. Due to this, serious problems might be caused; however, the advisor does not (or cannot) think of problems that might occur to others due to his or her advice. So, giving advice to others about their problems is actually very irresponsible. if you really want to treat your wounds and psychology, you must find the most suitable treating methods for you by taking Online Treatment Training.

Second, someone around you might notice that you are the one in the story uploaded.
'I am a 38-year-old housewife living in Seoul. My husband is 43 years old and runs a small business. It's been 12 years since we married; We have a body and two girls...' If you write your stories in detail like this, someone around you might notice that you are the one in the writing even though there is no personal information included.

Third, do not forget about the characteristics of online communities.
Unexpected and unintentional situations could occur if you post your stories online because various problems like conflicts in human relationships, problems of passion and love, psychological problems and disorders, sex trouble, infidelity, violence, etc. are shared, especially in online communities where males and females co-exist.

Fourth, posted writings and comments are just eye candy.
People tend to gossip and enjoy others' problems. No matter how serious or painful the problems are, they just giggle at others' stories and throw advice lightly. Some try to use their problems. Your problems and pain would become just eye candy to others if you share your stories online.

Fifth, the treatment of wounds and psychology is very difficult to be done by existing counseling.
Many of you would like to get counseling or advice from others if you are suffering in a hard time due to wounds. However, treatment cannot be done by taking counseling because the human mind and psychology do not operate by others' advice. Knowledge-related matters like law, accounting, economics, success, etc. can be resolved with the help of experts in the field; however, the human mind is not a matter that can be resolved by counseling.

Do you still think your problems will be resolved by posting your stories and taking advice or counseling from others online?
Never. It is because their mind and psychology are not the same as yours.

Your problem is only yours; you are the only person who can resolve the problem. Consolation, counseling, and advice from others won't be helpful at all.

The only way to treat your wounds and psychology is to take Online Treatment Training. You need to have the ability to resolve your problems by yourself and be happy.

Do not waste your money, time, and effort anymore.
Stop posing your stories, sharing opinions, and taking others' advice or counseling if you want to resolve and be responsible for your problems.


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