3. Serious Problems of Psychological Counseling and Its Reverse Effect

Korea Institute of Psycho-education (KIP) provided counseling for psychological treatment until Online Treatment Training was developed.

The most difficulty whiling providing psychological counseling was the duration of the treatment for psychological disorders and wounds. It took 1 ~ 3 years, in general, to treat psychological disorders and wounds by counseling. In order to shrink the duration of taking counseling and treat psychological disorders and wounds quickly and accurately, KIP developed Online Treatment Training.

Psychological counseling is no more necessary for treatment.

Many people would be surprised if they were told that counseling is not needed for their psychological treatment. Some might not believe this, but KIP developed methods that can treat psychological disorders and wounds just by taking Online Treatment Training. We say that existing counseling is unnecessary because the effect is insignificant.

It has been proved that counseling is an unnecessary effort.

The main purpose of us holding seminars and meetings is to let you know about 'serious problems of psychological counseling and its reverse effect.'

If you visit other counselors, they would say that they can resolve your problems, treat your psychological disorders and wounds, and make you live happily; numerous counselors or psychology experts are being educated recklessly these days.

However, all of these are helpless and useless.

KIP tried to train psychology experts (counselors) so far, but we have seen many of them, those whose training period was not even a year, being trapped in their own logics and not recognizing that they are the ones making their clients unhappier.

If you would like to treat others' psychological disorders and wounds by providing counseling, you must at least
1) learn the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind
2) learn methods of psychology treatment, wound treatment, and happiness ability
3) learn how to run counseling of psychology, wounds, and happiness
4) perform clinical training and case study of the learned contents
It takes about 5 years to get through all of these processes.

If you think that psychological counseling can be provided by simply studying psychology and obtaining a certificate, you are very irresponsible.

Psychological counseling is dangerous and important because it might have great impacts, either positively or negatively, on human relationships including spouse, children, family, etc. So, it is different from general psychological counseling or counseling for conjugal problems; it requires high-level treatment methods.

Among psychology experts/counselors we have seen, no one provides proper counseling. Many ill-prepared or unqualified counselors out there leading their clients to serious unhappiness.

Psychological counseling for treatment must be removed now.

The confidence in psychological counseling has been lost due to ill-prepared and unqualified experts and counselors. The percentage of people who have treated their psychological disorders and wounds and live happily is only about 10 % ~20 %. Psychological counseling generates many problems, sometimes develop into social issues. Thus, counseling must disappear. 

Existing psychological counseling does not treat your psychological disorders and wounds. It won't lead you to live a happy life. It rather results in reverse effects that cause more serious psychological disorders that make you feel as if your psychological wounds and disorders are treated.
The reverse effect of psychological counseling only makes clients unhappy.

Very serious reverse effects like serious depression, various kinds of addiction, phenomena pursuing only fun and interest (when a man has female's psychology and when a woman has male's psychology) occur. It looks like psychological disorders and wounds are treated, but the fact is that your problems are covered by a more serious psychological disorder. This is why you cannot realize why you live unhappy life.

The goal of KIP is to remove all these unnecessary and unhelpful psychological counseling because it not only makes you waste your time, cost, and effort but also causes more serious problems.

Korea Institute of Psycho-education now provides you with Online Treatment Training that the Theory of Mimind, the Theory of Xesmind, treatment methods of psychology & wounds, counseling techniques, psychological training methods, etc. from KIP are all integrated. It can replace psychological counseling. The effect is amazing; you can live happily without reverse effect.


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