1. Some of you might think writing articles like this is easy.

I spare a lot of time for those suffering from wounds and psychological disorders and continually provide Online Treatment Training because I know and understand their pain and agony. Writing and uploading articles about the mind & psychology, wound treatment, and psychological treatment is to let those suffering from wounds and psychological disorders know that they no more need to suffer in pain and agony, that they need to stop wasting time and money for useless treatment methods, and that how important Online Treatment Training is. It is for letting you know the accurate information about wound treatment and psychological treatment as well. Many people copy our articles and re-upload the articles on their websites or social media as if they wrote them; however, the entire articles uploaded here are written by KIP. It might not be that difficult for a professional writer to express pain and agony of wounds, but writing about wound treatment and psychological treatm

2. You are not allowed to leave comments on uploaded articles and videos because...

Many of you ask why you cannot leave any comments on articles and videos that are uploaded. We do not let you leave comments because our purpose is to help you live with the ability of happiness after wound treatment and psychological treatment. On most websites that are related to psychological disorders, people post their stories, exchange information with others, and share consolation and advice with each other. They even counsel each other in various ways. These websites are not helpful at all in treating wounds and psychology. They rather cause psychological disorders or make psychological disorders worse. Posting your stories and leaving comments is a very wrong way to resolve your problems. Sharing wounds with each other makes wound treatment and psychological treatment almost impossible. Treatment of your wounds and psychology is possible only through Online Treatment Training. So, stop wasting your time, money, and effort for useless counseling. Some say that

3. Serious Problems of Psychological Counseling and Its Reverse Effect

Korea Institute of Psycho-education (KIP) provided counseling for psychological treatment until Online Treatment Training was developed. The most difficulty whiling providing psychological counseling was the duration of the treatment for psychological disorders and wounds. It took 1 ~ 3 years, in general, to treat psychological disorders and wounds by counseling. In order to shrink the duration of taking counseling and treat psychological disorders and wounds quickly and accurately, KIP developed Online Treatment Training. Psychological counseling is no more necessary for treatment. Many people would be surprised if they were told that counseling is not needed for their psychological treatment. Some might not believe this, but KIP developed methods that can treat psychological disorders and wounds just by taking Online Treatment Training. We say that existing counseling is unnecessary because the effect is insignificant. It has been proved that counseling is an unnece

4. It's time to change paradigm of treatment of wounds and psychology.

[Resolving Psychological Problems] - Treatment of wounds - Treatment of psychology - Formation of the ability to live happily (happiness ability) Wounds and psychology cannot be treated with existing counseling. It only costs time, money, and effort, which is why the paradigm of wound treatment and psychology treatment needs to be changed. Wound treatment and psychology treatment cannot be done by existing counseling methods because of the following reasons. 1. Distorted interpretations and applications of human relationships 2. Absence of psychological treatment methods 3. Absence of wound treatment methods 4. Distorted applications of psychological counseling methods 5. Distorted interpretations and applications of the human mind (the unconscious) Korea Institute of Psycho-education developed the Theory of Mimind, the Theory of Xesmind, treatment methods, counseling methods, training methods, etc. that can treat wounds and psychology; all of these are

5. The era of counseling for psychological treatment is over.

Even Korea Institute of Psycho-education had no other choice than providing counseling for psychological treatment before Online Treatment Training was developed. You may already know very well that counseling for wound and psychology treatment is not effective. From free counseling to paid counseling, there are various types of counseling with different treatment methods; however, you may have already experienced that these are barely effective in treating your wounds and psychology. Before Online Treatment Training was developed, even KIP needed 1~3 months to treat wounds and 1~3 years to treat psychological disorders. Counseling requires cost and time a lot until complete treatment. Some counselors say that they have shortened the treatment period. However, the truth is that they only make their clients worse. If they become worse, they become addicted to certain things. When this happens, the clients mistake themselves as if they have their wounds and psychology treat

6. Ill-prepared counseling causes serious psychological disorders.

Ill-prepared counseling causes serious psychological disorders. It took much time for Korea Institute of Psycho-education to complete developing Online Treatment Training. We also have gone through trials and errors repeatedly in counseling and treatment training until Online Treatment Training was completed. Other places have psychological training (or education) that is similar to Online Treatment Training, but problems can never be resolved if it is not practiced with counseling. Plus, it might cause addiction, which is a psychological disorder, to the client. So, KIP has completed Online Treatment Training that does not need counseling anymore by complementing the weakness of counseling.   More than 90 % of people taken Online Treatment Training successfully treated their psychology and wounds and now live happily. Existing psychological counseling and treatment methods are various. Existing counseling and treatment methods are various including counseling bas

7. Never get counseling from places like these...

Many of you would visit counselors if psychological disorders occur to you. Korea Institute of Psycho-education did its best to develop a new treatment method that can treat wounds and psychology fast and accurately because we realized that lots of time, money, and effort are required for treatment and formation of happiness ability even though we also have provided counseling for a long time. KIP finally completed developing Online Treatment Training and have become able to stop providing inefficient counseling. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind when taking counseling even if you do not take Online Treatment Training. 1. Do Not visit a counselor who asks you about your past. Your past has nothing to do with treating your psychological disorders and wounds. Counseling that analyzes your past isn't helpful. 2. Do Not visit a counselor making you take either a psychology examination or personality examination. This counselor barely know