6. Ill-prepared counseling causes serious psychological disorders.

Ill-prepared counseling causes serious psychological disorders.

It took much time for Korea Institute of Psycho-education to complete developing Online Treatment Training. We also have gone through trials and errors repeatedly in counseling and treatment training until Online Treatment Training was completed.

Other places have psychological training (or education) that is similar to Online Treatment Training, but problems can never be resolved if it is not practiced with counseling. Plus, it might cause addiction, which is a psychological disorder, to the client.

So, KIP has completed Online Treatment Training that does not need counseling anymore by complementing the weakness of counseling. More than 90 % of people taken Online Treatment Training successfully treated their psychology and wounds and now live happily.

Existing psychological counseling and treatment methods are various.

Existing counseling and treatment methods are various including counseling based on psychological theories, counseling based on a religious point of view, consultation, ill-prepared education on psychology and mind, etc. However, most of them are not based on accurate principles of how the human mind and psychology operate and are practiced to those suffering from psychological wounds and disorders.

Because of the situation mentioned, problems of those taking psychological counseling or education become more and more serious.

Some are told to divorce; some mistake themselves as if they have been treated although, in fact, they ended up having serious psychological disorders like serious depression or addiction.

Even though they visit counselors with the mind that desperately wanted to treat their psychological wounds and disorders and live happily, they fail the treatment and lose hope of living a happy life.

Rather than ill-prepared psychological counseling or education, you must take Online Treatment Training.

1) counseling is not needed, and 2) you do not need to tell or share your wounds. Online Treatment Training will treat your psychological wounds and problems and make you live a happy life.


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12. Online treatment training is the process to learn about yourself