7. Never get counseling from places like these...

Many of you would visit counselors if psychological disorders occur to you.

Korea Institute of Psycho-education did its best to develop a new treatment method that can treat wounds and psychology fast and accurately because we realized that lots of time, money, and effort are required for treatment and formation of happiness ability even though we also have provided counseling for a long time. KIP finally completed developing Online Treatment Training and have become able to stop providing inefficient counseling.

However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind when taking counseling even if you do not take Online Treatment Training.

1. Do Not visit a counselor who asks you about your past.
Your past has nothing to do with treating your psychological disorders and wounds. Counseling that analyzes your past isn't helpful.

2. Do Not visit a counselor making you take either a psychology examination or personality examination.
This counselor barely knows how to treat psychological wounds and disorders.

3. Do Not visit a counselor who empathizes with you (rapport building).
Building rapport with clients is important when doing psychological treatment for mood refreshness, but it causes serious psychological disorders when doing counseling for treatment. 

4. Do Not visit a counselor who coaches you what to do or how to react.
This counselor does not know what psychological wounds and disorders are and how to treat them and tries to use the reliance of clients. Among various kinds of counseling, this is the worst.

If your counselor is one of the 4 types mentioned above, you must stop taking counseling from him or her.

You will waste your time, money, and effort and won't be able to treat your psychological wounds and disorders. So, please keep in mind the 4 things mentioned above when looking for a counselor.


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12. Online treatment training is the process to learn about yourself