4. It's time to change paradigm of treatment of wounds and psychology.

[Resolving Psychological Problems]
- Treatment of wounds
- Treatment of psychology
- Formation of the ability to live happily (happiness ability)

Wounds and psychology cannot be treated with existing counseling. It only costs time, money, and effort, which is why the paradigm of wound treatment and psychology treatment needs to be changed.

Wound treatment and psychology treatment cannot be done by existing counseling methods because of the following reasons.

1. Distorted interpretations and applications of human relationships
2. Absence of psychological treatment methods
3. Absence of wound treatment methods
4. Distorted applications of psychological counseling methods
5. Distorted interpretations and applications of the human mind (the unconscious)

Korea Institute of Psycho-education developed the Theory of Mimind, the Theory of Xesmind, treatment methods, counseling methods, training methods, etc. that can treat wounds and psychology; all of these are integrated and have become Online Treatment Training.

Online Treatment Training will let you know the nature of the human mind and psychology by interpreting 'principles and mechanisms of how the human mind and psychology operate. ' it will treat wounds and psychology and make you form the ability of happiness as well. 

Therefore, the paradigm of wound and psychology treatment must be changed from 'psychological counseling' to 'Online Treatment Training.'

The era of counseling for psychological treatment is over.
To treat wounds and psychology, the treatment paradigm must be changed.

Online Treatment Training will resolve problems of reverse effects caused by psychological counseling. It will treat wounds and psychological disorders; it is the new method of psychological treatment and treatment training methods that will make you become able to live happily.


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12. Online treatment training is the process to learn about yourself