5. The era of counseling for psychological treatment is over.

Even Korea Institute of Psycho-education had no other choice than providing counseling for psychological treatment before Online Treatment Training was developed.

You may already know very well that counseling for wound and psychology treatment is not effective. From free counseling to paid counseling, there are various types of counseling with different treatment methods; however, you may have already experienced that these are barely effective in treating your wounds and psychology.

Before Online Treatment Training was developed, even KIP needed 1~3 months to treat wounds and 1~3 years to treat psychological disorders. Counseling requires cost and time a lot until complete treatment.

Some counselors say that they have shortened the treatment period. However, the truth is that they only make their clients worse. If they become worse, they become addicted to certain things. When this happens, the clients mistake themselves as if they have their wounds and psychology treated and are happy.

Even if it costs more time, counselors are supposed to help their clients to form the ability of happiness and live happily, but what counselors actually do is leading their clients to be worse. Then, who is responsible for this?

Those who have not learned counseling techniques and methods properly call themselves counseling experts; many counselors use contents included in videos uploaded online by KIP to their counseling methods.

Because of this, KIP has studied to find treatment methods that can replace counseling for years and developed Online Treatment Training. It has been practiced with counseling. Theories for treatment training have been created; treatment methods have been completed. Then, Online Treatment Training has been completely formed; its effect on wound treatment and psychology treatment has been proved by applying it to many.

So, we have changed the paradigm of psychological treatment by complementing the weaknesses of counseling through Online Treatment Training. Treatment of wounds & psychology and formation of the ability of happiness can be done without much difficulty now. 

Therefore, psychological counseling for treatment is not necessary anymore.
Online Treatment Training is more helpful and effective in treating psychological disorders; it saves cost, time, and effort.

There are so many counselors not knowing the true nature of counseling. Due to the reverse effects of counseling, many live unhappily with their wounds and psychological problems untreated. Thus, KIP is trying to open and let you know the weaknesses of psychological counseling and change the treatment paradigm. 

The era of counseling for psychological treatment is over.
Treatment of wounds and psychology can be done by taking Online Treatment Training. The effect has been proved by those who have taken Online Treatment Training so far.

You should not rely on counseling that won't resolve and treat your psychological wounds and problems anymore.

The era of Online Treatment Training has come.
Stop wasting your time, money, and effort on counseling.  You will learn the true value of Online Treatment Training if you attend seminars and meetings held by KIP and ask questions. We hope you do not rely on counseling anymore for your treatment.


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