12. Online treatment training is the process to learn about yourself

When people get hurt by a certain situation or other people, they suffer from the pain although they know that it is not their fault. I see many people who try to solve problems within themselves as they know about self and obsession, resentment and wounds, and psychological problems.

In the cases of these people, they are passionate and curious about why they are feeling psychological pain, what pain they are having, and how their pain is related to self, unconsciousness, and obsession rather than they treat the wounds, or they forgive other people with love and happiness.

Surely, untreated mental wounds will result in a crisis, but the problems can’t be redone. Most people suffer from pain and they resent and express the wounds to other people. Some people try psychological counseling, or they visit a doctor for psychological treatment. Other people try to forget about them or harm others.

Psychological problems and mental wounds can cause the worst situation at the slightest slip.

There is a word, ‘crisis is an opportunity.’

According to this word, people can use the opportunity to mature self-consciousness and happiness although they are having psychological problems. Likewise, it can be a precious opportunity for whatever you want because people have strong self-consciousness when they turn the crisis into opportunities. 

It is the opportunity to accurately know self-consciousness before discussing the problems of whose fault it is or what it is right. Also, take this opportunity to create your happiness as you try to find your problem, obsession, personality problem and many other things that are within yourself.

At this time, people try to learn about their inner side and they defer all judgments and decisions for happiness. In these cases, they will realize how to live a happy life, how to solve psychological problems, how to understand themselves precisely. Hence, they will live a stable life for happiness and they will live a life in the perspectives of other people.

Online treatment training is a procedure to learn about yourself and to make happiness ability after recovering confidence, treating mental wounds and psychology.


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